all you need to know about men’s suits

The men’s suit has become a staple formal wear item for all men. Without it, the wardrobe is just incomplete. Also know as a business suit, it consists of a coat or jacket, a pair of trousers, a dress shirt and a tie. An optional waistcoat can also be worn.
Wearing men’s suits can be traces as far back as the 19th century in America. It actually become an alternative option for men who are required to wear long and heavy frock coats for business and other formal occasions. Because it gives more comfort and ease when worn because of its lighter characteristic, men’s suits gained more popularity and thus replacing old styled heavy suits. During the First World War, only people belonging to the upper classes can actually afford to wear men’s suits. Tuxedos and dinner jackets have also become very popular at the time for formal events. By World War II, more people are starting to wear suits with the waistcoat becoming a fashion staple.
Men’s suits can be made from different types of material. Fabrics usually used for suits include wool, linen and cashmere.
There are also different styles of men’s suits available for everyone. Some of the styles have been very popular for a long time and are truly fashion-tested. One of which is the double-breasted suit, which has two parallel rows of buttons giving it a more conservative and formal look. These suits however are not very popular nowadays. The popular style of men’s suit today is the single-breasted suit because of its more hip and young look. These suits usually have two, three or sometimes four buttons. Another popular style of men’s suit for the young crowd is the British suit. This style boasts moderately tapered sides with minimal padding on the shoulders and two vents. Italian suits, on the other hand, are considered the most stylish of the suits styles. These suits have padded shoulders, tapered sides with no vent. Lastly, the American suit is something worn for more casual occasions. It has moderate padding on the shoulders and minimal tapering giving it a more relax look.